Sunday 18.9, OPEN STAGE: Share the Stage, Break the Privilege.

Sunday 18.9, 19:30-2h

Cantina Corazon Share the Stage, Break the Privilege

Replugged bar Lerchenfelder Str. 23, 1070 Wien

Open stage/mic for poetry slams, music jams and performers to contest oppression and celebrate emancipation.
Free entrance

We share the stage with a mixed night of an open mic and a programmed list of guests. Everyone is special to us. The open mic guest’s list is:

Colectivo Acción Solidaria México – Austria will briefly present a short film about current struggles in Mexico: Recovering Paradise (4 min, Productora Tercerías, independent journalists). It will be extended by a short film on the enforced disappearances in Mexico that so far reach about 30000 people: Dotted Line (9 min, Dir. Paola Ovalle, Alfonso Díaz Tovar).

Birds in Trees Band, singing about the tragedies happening because of European borders, and about current Austrian presidential Elections.

Ivana Ferencova’s choir. Roma choir.

Daniel Schachl, singer.

Violett Blue: Maira Enesi, black, queer poet, student and vocalist.

Kitana Digiulia, Romanian activist and musician. Organic tribal dance.

Julischka Stengele, political poetry.

Moreno Arneis, one man band.

Mzamo, performance dealing with re-appropriation and the emancipation of the pelvis from patriarcal rule.

Teju Adisa Farrar, video performance and poet.

Femme DMC: Dacid Go8lin, Ec und Sammy.

Yellow Tongues: Lau Lukkarila and Azra Husanovic. Our embrace is asymmetrical, as are all embraces.

Chamelle Moser, performance concert on the experience of being people of colour in South Africa: “Mahala makes sense”.

Sammy Ekeh “Treasure”. Rapper, singing on deaf political power.

Jasmin Beh, poet and storyteller, interested in the idea of human justice.


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