Sunday 25.9, Cantina Corazón Connecting Hearts Night.

Sunday 25.9, 19-2h

Cantina Corazón Connecting Hearts Night

Replugged bar Lerchenfelder Str. 23, 1070 Wien

Concert, performances and party to stay attuned, connected and celebrating.
Free entrance


  • Cinthia Mendonça, performance.
  • Frantschesko Slowman & Doris Steinbichler, (members of Cantina Corazón), performance.
  • Cantina Corazón Band, concert, performance, visuals.
  • Reading by Emel Heinreich and Cagla Comert, text Asli Erdoan.
  • Grace Latigo, performance, spoken word.
  • Yelvilaa + Shari, concert.
  • KidPex, rap.
  • Chamelle, singing.
  • DJ Javier Cassani (member of Cantina Corazón), party.

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